Horace Bushnell Children’s Food Pantry


During the Covid-19 global pandemic, the HBCFP has continued to serve the community. We have worked with the Compass Youth Collaborative, a Hartford-based community organization of social workers and case managers who work with troubled teens and their families. Compass Youth Collaborative is currently helping us deliver food, toiletries, clothing and household supplies to families in need throughout Hartford County. The HBCFP is making emergency deliveries to regular clients and LCCI members as needed. Donations from LCCI members and the general public are needed to further this important work. Please contact the pantry at hbcfoodpantry@alexanderplatz.websitepro.hosting for more information on how you can participate in this ministry!

“Our mission is to provide adequate food, clothing, education and other basic necessities to underprivileged individuals and families residing in the Greater Hartford Area. We will endeavor at all times to treat our clients with integrity, dignity, and respect. We will ethically manage our resources in such a way as to warrant the trust and confidence placed in us by our donors and our funding sources.”

Our goal is to also reduce the occurrence of nutrition-related conditions often associated with deficiency such as diabetes and obesity. Eating well is a habit. It must be nurtured and encouraged as with any other skill.

Our hopes through education are to provide economic and other incentives and policies that promote healthy choices. With the proper funding and support, the HBCFP can provide food for four to five hundred needy adults and seven to eight hundred children a week.

This is our goal of commitment to our community. It is through the efforts of our compassionate and dedicated donors and volunteers that Horace Bushnell Children’s Pantry will achieve this goal.

In 1972, The Horace Bushnell Children’s Food Pantry was established with the mission of providing food to needy children. It has now expanded to include senior citizens, people with disabilities, and the homeless.

About Us

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we are operating on a limited basis.

If you are in immediate need, please email hbcfoodpantry@alexanderplatz.websitepro.hosting or call the number listed below.


Office: 860-522-3296
Fax: 860-549-2561
Email: hbcfoodpantry@libertyisonline.org